Beebox Expandable Straw Set


Beebox Expandable Straw Set is ALL-YOU-NEED travelling companion straw set. It is made of SUS 304 grade of stainless steel.

Inclusive are :

Casing with Key Chain Ring, Expandable Cleaning Brush

Specification :

Casing Length 12cm

Nett Straw length when closed is 10cm

Nett Cleaning Brush length when closed is 11.5cm

Straw Diameter varies from 5mm to 8mm

Straw Length is expandable up to 22.3cm long



Beebox Stainless Steel expandable straw set is the most sought after current trend of having a portable, convenient and pocket size travelling straw. It comes with expandable cleaning straw for cleaning convenience. With its durable, easy, convenient and sleek style, we are assured of REFUSE and REUSE lifestyle.


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