Beebox Creative World’s Fundraiser has no upfront cost nor minimum order. The objective of the fundraising activity is to elevate the awareness of creating healthy and equal lifestyle to the marginalised community.

Beebox welcome any organisation who needs to do fundraising, who have the mindset of wanting to create healthy eating habits and to achieve better environment. Beebox fundraising therefore highly recommend organisations such as pre-schools, schools, child care centre, sports and healthcare organisation, healthy eating bloggers or enthusiasts to take part.

Through Beebox Creative World’s fundraising programme, you will have the opportunity to earn up to a percentage of sales which could be used for good cause. Below are the steps to take part in the fundraising programmes :-

  1. Register your organisation with us.
  2. Member or customer from your organisation will be given a code, the amount of rebate will then consider fundraising amount that will go to your organisation.
  3. The fundraising amount will be dispersed to your organisation at an agreed timeline.
  4. For event fundraising, there will be no registration needed. The amount of rebate of the total sales for one time event will be dispersed to your organisation on the same day or at the end of that event.

*email to for more information

Through Beebox Creative World’s fundraising programme, we hope to reach out to as many community, to instil a good and healthy eating habit, to reduce disposable waste and to encourage the reuse of eating utensils. This would eventually help to reduce landfill and motivate food composting through the natural ways. Our mother nature would be ever thankful !

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