Beebox, Your High Quality Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box is now available to purchase internationally

                                                Purchase RM100 and above to get a free delivery, throughout Malaysia!

                                              FDA CERTIFIED   |   BPA FREE   |   DURABLE   |   MADE OF SUS304 HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL

beebox malaysia
Beebox Best Seller Classic THREE
bento box malaysia
Beebox Classic FLEXI in 2 Compartment Setting
lunch box malaysia
Beebox Classic FLEXI in Single Compartment Setting


stainless steel bento box malaysiastainless steel lunch box malaysia


Beebox Classic Series

Beebox Classic Series is your basic compartmentalised lunch box created using the highest grade of stainless steel. So no worries about chemical leaching or harmful substances! It is plastic free, toxic free and environmental friendly. 

Beebox is suitable for daily packing of a wide variety of food types. It is designed to be compact for easy carrying and able to accommodate a proportionate wholesome meal. Its ‘bento’ setting makes meal preparation easy.

Beebox is fun and will make your eating fun!




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